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Serena's Maternity Session

Get ready for one of the cutest pregnant women to stand in front of a camera.

Being pregnant can be uncomfortable, but then factor in the Houston August and the discomfort is multiplied. Serena powered through like the beautiful Mom she is, and we were gifted with a breeze.

Serena's pretty yellow dress with flowers was perfect! It can be so hard to decide what to wear for a photo shoot, but that should be half the fun! Find something you love and are comfortable in and the camera will love it too.

Serena's hubby was (and always is) a great sport when it comes to pictures! While the main focus is on the Mommy to be... as it should be... getting shots with Dad are important too. I can't wait to see them snuggling their little one.

This maternity session took place in Cypress, TX. The evening sun was dreamy. My model was gorgeous. It was a great session.

There is such strength and beauty in motherhood.... and exhaustion... and unknowns....and doubts.... and the love that makes it all worth it.

Wondering whether Serena is having a boy or a girl? She'll be picking out dresses and matching bows for her sweet little sugar and spice.

I can't wait to meet this precious little one, maybe because she is part of the family or maybe because I'm ready for all the future photo shoots .

If you are pregnant or know someone who is ready for maternity pictures, send them my way. I'm head over heels for maternity portraits.

Wishing you sweet smiles and camera clicks,

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