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Kara- Class of 2020

Sweet Kara brought her whole family along for her senior session- Mom, Dad, and little Sis. The whole crew was awesome! Mom carried supplies and was ready to jump in and help when needed. Dad was there for suggestions and laughs. Little Sis provided wardrobe assistance. It's fun to work with an entourage. Kara was the perfect star, too. She enjoyed herself with her family and took directions beautifully. She understood my posing directions- even the few that I was like, "What did I just say?"

Kara has a country girl, easy going vibe about her so we started her session out exploring some rustic porches and cute storefronts.

Apparently bees also enjoy the rustic decks and cute porches because we encountered our first critter experience of the day. An attack bee chased Kara's family down the street. It ended up in Little Sis' hair! After a lot of hair tossing and some more running we escaped the bee! Time to move on to another location. Pretty gardens to match Kara's soft and sweet nature.

On this exciting portion of our photo session the critter encounters continued. We found ants and ... a snake! My oh my! Luckily Kara's family laughed it all off, but we kept a wary eye out after that and were very careful where we stepped.

The sun was getting lower, but we still had time for one more stop. I love this next spot, you'd never expect to find it behind a grocery store.

Last shots of the day included confetti!

Congratulations, Kara! Even though you had to miss some of it, I know this is a very memorable year for you.

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