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Little Bunny Camila's First Birthday

I love having this little girl in front of my camera. I was swooning over her adorable garden party outfit. Those little stockings!!!

While she's met me before for other photo sessions, Camila checked me out for the first couple of shots to make sure I was on the up and up.

After she established I was there just to make funny faces and sounds while pushing my shutter, she warmed up to our little photo session.

I love little girls and flowers together, don't you?

Confetti works too! Camila was jamming to one of her favorite songs, Karma Chameleon.

Now it was time to get down to business- CAKE TIME!

It's always interesting to see how littles will take to the cake. Are they going to dive in or take it slow?

Cami was unsure at first, she would pop one little icing dollop off at a time. Then she discovered we were encouraging her to make a mess. I think she thought we were crazy!

On to the clean up. Some warm water to wash off all the icing, and that's a wrap on this little cutie!

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