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My wildflower session has provided me with beautiful images of Eli and I playing in the flowers. It did not begin that way. I set out in the morning prepared to shoot promos for my Spring Mini Sessions. I did my hair and makeup, coerced the kid and my mom to come with me, and loaded my car to bursting.

I drove to a park that I haven't shot at before. I was looking for a location that I haven't used before and would have green grass to inspire my spring pictures. After driving the park for awhile, I found the perfect spot! Green grass, trees in the background, and parking a few steps away. I started to unload the spring set. I pulled out the backdrop stands, the curtains, spring props, and lots of flowers. Fake flowers... that part is important!

As I was setting up the flower lined curtain I heard a little buzzing. That's right, a bee had found my flowers- the fake flowers. I laughingly told the little bee, "Sorry buddy, they're not real. Go tell your friends they're fake." He did not convey my message correctly. He told all of his friends that he found FLOWERS!

Within a minute, my set was swarming with over a dozen buzzing bees with more joining every second. This was not the location for me. I sent the kid and my mom into the car, the bees seemed to really like them, and began to break down my buzzing set while praying I didn't get stung or invite a stowaway into my car!

As we drove away from the park, I was a little defeated. Did I waste my hair and makeup? Would I have to schedule another day to go out? Nope. I wasn't going to let all that preparation go to waste. As Eli happily informed me that I would have to give him the promised bribe for going out (Yes! I bribe the little monster for pictures) without having to do the shoot, I decided to drive to a location I've used frequently in the past.

As we pulled into the park, I saw that the wildflowers had bloomed early this year. A beautiful field of pink, white, and magenta! In that moment I knew the Spring mini promos would have to wait. We were going to do wildflower pictures instead.

My pink dress was perfect, the sun was soft and pretty, and the flowers were plentiful. I'm working on being flexible when I get disappointed, I'm still in progress, but this experience felt like a reward for working through a situation that didn't end the way I planned. So thank you little bees for ruining my spring promos and sending me to this amazing field of wildflowers- which surprisingly hosted zero bees.

I kept the car loaded and decided to try promos for my spring minis the next day...Eli was not cooperative and I had another run of bad luck with the spring set up. That's another story, though. In the end, my Spring Minis were adorable. Good thing because I was beginning to think they were cursed.

Eli is beginning to mimic me on photo shoots. He began giving me directions and ideas for what to do in front of the camera. He suggested dancing. Awe! He did a spin or two with me and then he was out of there!

Than he took over the camera...

Nice job, kid.

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