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Sean- Class of 2020

Well this was a fun one! Sean is the son of one of my co-workers. So maybe it was more fun for his mom and I to chat and have him play model, but Sean took it in stride. I'm sure he was just happy to be out in the world after having been in quarantine.

When we were setting up the session, Sean's mom told me he wanted to have some pictures done with his guitar. Um, YES! I love when seniors add in a prop or two. Plus, it is a beautiful guitar.

We started out at Eleanor Tinsley Park to get some images with the Houston skyline in the background, and wouldn't you know it ... fog. Oh well.

Sean rocks his gravelly voice, awesome hair, and beautiful blue eyes.

I know guys are driven to do senior portraits by their moms. While it wasn't his first choice to be in front of the camera I'm sure-I love that Sean showed up with such an easy smile. Way to make Mom happy!

We switched up locations to trade trees for something with lots more color. Our next backdrops featured bold colors and street art.

That smile though, y'all!

I loved Sean's effortless style. He started out with black jeans and a white button up shirt. He only had to bring two other shirts to switch into to give his gallery variety. I love that he pulled out a simple pink shirt for our last few shots.

While it wasn't the senior year he planned on, I hope Sean enjoys the rest of it.

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