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Kaileigh- Class of 2020

We had to reschedule Kaileigh's session a few times due to quarantine. When it finally happened, I had a blast with this beautiful, fun-loving senior! We started out in a little wild patch of grass and then moved in town to Discovery Green. We seemed to have the city to ourselves on that early Sunday morning. It was surreal.

Kaileigh got up early- hard to do after getting to sleep in during quarantine- for sunrise fun in a field. I'm in love with her off the shoulder green top.

As we drove in town the streets were empty! Parking was a breeze. Wow!

Kaileigh changed into her adorable white romper- perfect for our location. It went well with the street and structures as well as the natural aspects.

This girl has a natural ease and such a sweet spirit, but I really loved her fun side! While posing on a little deck out on the water, we went to get up and move to a new spot. Kaileigh was posed right near the edge and as she went to get up- she almost fell in backwards!!! While this might have startled her for a second she almost immediately began laughing about the near disaster. We laughed about how those images would have looked. Thanks for being such a sport about everything, Kaileigh.

She even obliged my instruction to bust out a few moves for the camera!

Last outfit of the day. I really like adding in a casual look . Kaileigh nailed it with her college shirt, distressed jeans, and those checkered Vans.

Here's to another bright, shining, and amazing senior! I wish you all the best!!!

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